dfports/devel/imake-4 broken - Building on Unknown Operating System (0.0.0).

Tomaz Borstnar tomaz.borstnar at over.net
Sat Feb 21 06:54:18 PST 2004

Joerg Sonnenberger pravi:
Are you using CCVER=gcc3?
it compiles and installs fine without this setting :)


Dfly brings me back into Unixware days where I had 2 compiles (system 
and gcc) with 3 different settings in order to compile all kind of 
things :) On FreeBSD 5.x I need to use gcc295 port in order to compile 
some stuff.  But I like this flexibility in choosing which compiler to 
use. There are still many apps that dont compile or work properly in 
gcc3 enviroment and some of them will probably never be adopted for gcc3.

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