Timer problem?

Erik Paulsen Skaalerud erik at pentadon.com
Tue Feb 3 14:51:47 PST 2004

Something is seriously whacked up with the timer on my box. This started
recently (cant exactly pin down when)..

uname output:
DragonFly dragon.bsdtech.com 1.0-CURRENT DragonFly 1.0-CURRENT #0: Tue Feb
3 05:38:29 CET 2004

for example, "date" is jumping about 17 seconds every second..

another example:
[erik at dragon:~]$ time fetch
Receiving epic4.tgz (699615 bytes): 100% (ETA 00:00)
699615 bytes transferred in 1444.8 seconds (484.24 Bps)

real    27m20.950s
user    0m0.769s
sys     0m2.304s

This actually took about 3 minutes..

Any ideas on how I can track this down?

- Erik

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