troubles with caps

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Apr 29 13:45:39 PDT 2004

:> Ah, so that's what client.c is doing.  OK, well there's no good reason
:> to share the connection; I just wanted to clarify that limitation.
:Yeah... servers are one to many clients.  No two servers should have
:the same name, though the current code allows it... Hiten has a patch
:that seems to work though :).

    That's on purpose.  There is a flag, CAPS_EXCL, that can be used to
    disallow namespace overloading.  Namespace overloading is useful when
    restarting a service because it allows the new service to register
    its port before the old service is killed.  Clients then only see a
    single interruption and can immediately (successfully) reconnect.

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