Is the device-polling safe to use in production environment?

Emiel Kollof coolvibe at
Thu Apr 8 18:59:39 PDT 2004

Matthew Dillon wrote:

> :man polling 4
> :POLLING(4)            DragonFly Kernel Interfaces Manual
> :
> :      polling - device polling support
> :
> :      options DEVICE_POLLING
> :      options HZ=1000
>     The answer is: I don't know.  You'd have to experiment.  You shouldn't
>     have to turn it on, though, unless you are doing something that really

I can add that to my kernel config and it will boot/work fine, but once I
enable the sysctl kern.polling.enable for polling, the systen will work for
like a few minutes, and then hardlock/wedge without panicing. 

Hiten Pandya saw this problem too, confirmed on IRC.

If entropy is increasing, where is it coming from?

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