silo overflows

Hiten Pandya hmp at
Mon Sep 29 09:11:09 PDT 2003

Andrew Atrens wrote:

Seen on my home system ( 56k modem ) -

Sep  9 22:35:49 atrens-home /kernel: sio0: 7 more silo overflows (total 35)

these seem to be inert but are happening quite a lot - essentially 
whenever I'm transferring data (telnet, ftp, web) through the modem.

	I was browsing through the GNATS database and I remembered this
	post.  You might wanna checkout the following PRs, which seem to
	be reporting bugs to do with silo overflows.  One of the PRs
	also has a workaround, which you might want to try and tell us
	if it worked.
	PR (1):
	PR (2):

Hiten Pandya
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