slaballocation panic on boot

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Tue Sep 23 21:51:58 PDT 2003

:Hello all,
:I update my source to today (after the name cache changes).  I get a panic on
:boot.  I just recompiled the kernel with ddb so I can poke around.  I'm not
:totally sure how to get a backtrace other then copy by hand since / isn't even
:read/write yet.
:The message is:
:panic: slaballoc: corrupted zone
:The backtrace shows both malloc() and lots of spec_vnoperate().
:I'm not sure if this is hardware related or not (I have run memtest86 on this
:machine before and received no failures but....).
:Kernel config attached.

    Hmm.  Those changes weren't supposed to change anything
    operationally, just rearrange some defines.

    Is your system loading any drivers on boot?  Those might
    have to be installed as well as the new kernel (ok, it's a 
    reach, but...).

    If the system is getting to the rc script before it dies
    it should be possible to setup a swap device and set dumps
    on it.  e.g. in your /etc/rc.conf:


    (or whatever your swap device happens to be).

    And then turn on the slab features back on and try to get
    a crash dump out of it.


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