nasty NFS bug

Hiten Pandya hmp at
Tue Sep 9 08:51:47 PDT 2003

Andrew Atrens wrote:

When I try to write a file to an NFS (amd) mount I get a permission 
denied error and file gets truncated to zero bytes .
Reading works, of course.

The error sequence is -

I save the file
I get the error message
I quickly do an ls -l  and the file size looks fine
I do another ls and the file is 0 bytes.
The nfs server is an auspex, running a variant of solaris I think.
	Hmm, I think a fix for something along these lines (i.e. files
	being truncated etc) was committed in FreeBSD, you might wanna
	read their CVS logs.  If I get time in this week, I will look
	at it.
	Also, could you try TCP as a protocol and try nfsv3.


Hiten Pandya
hmp at xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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