SMP kernel panic: lwkt_preempt(): held and no count

EJHaug ejh at
Fri Sep 5 01:41:41 PDT 2003

I have an Intel PR440FX motherboard with two processors.
GENERIC configuration with SMP and APIC_IO, without
I386_CPU, I486_CPU, I586_CPU, eisa, and unused devices.
DEBUG=-g was set.

It was running a make -j3 buildworld and the kernel
paniced with the message
panic: lwkt_preempt(): help and no count
mp_lock = 00000000; cpuid = 0; lapic_id = 00000000
boot() called on cpu#0
syncing disks ....

The syncing never completed. The system had to be hard
I have since recompiled the SMP kernel with DDB.
I have another Dual processor system that hangs in the same way
as discussed in the
SMP kernel hanging at when testing 8254 interrupt delivery
thread. It is an Intergraph system with Intel Orion chipset.
(440GX i think). I am still working on getting
remote debugging to that system.

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