pccard woes (probably rcNG buglet)

Emiel Kollof coolvibe at hackerheaven.org
Tue Oct 7 01:56:26 PDT 2003

Matthew Dillon wrote:

> :Hi,
> :
> :Somehow the stuff in rc that handles pcmcia card ejection and insertion
> :isn't doing it's thing. Sure enough the card gets detected and
> :initialized, but it isn't starting the network or dhclient.
> :
> :Test case:
> :
> :1. Boot up, leave network pcmcia card out of the slot.
> :2. Insert card, hear some nice beeps. Tail /var/log/messages to see if it
> :gets detected and stuff.
> :3. Monitor ifconfig to see if it gets an IP number (either from dhclient
> :or otherwise).
> :
> :With a world/kernel as of last friday afternoon (CEST), the interface
> :doesn't come up *at all*.
>     Hmm.  The RC stuff could simply be some RCNG hookups that we haven't
>     made.  Does it start pccardd up?  If not try starting it manually.

As far as I know, it does start up pccardd. At least my bootup says so (it
says it starts up pccardd and beep). Also ps -ax | grep pccardd confirms

mothra# uname -a
FreeBSD mothra.ipv6.hackerheaven.org 4.8-STABLE FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE #1: Mon
Oct  6 12:03:19 CEST 2003     root at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/usr/obj
usr/dragonsrc/sys/MOTHRA.apm  i386

mothra# ps -ax | grep pccard
  125  ??  ILs    0:00.02 pccardd -z -f /etc/defaults/pccard.conf

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