Bug in dfports?

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Sun Nov 2 19:41:47 PST 2003

:I've cvsup'ed to the latest source including cvs-dfports. When I try to "cd
:/usr;cvs -d /home/dcvs co dfports", This happends:
:dfbsd# cvs -d /home/dcvs co dfports
:cvs checkout: Updating dfports
:U dfports/Mk/bsd.sites.mk
:cvs checkout: Updating dfports/dfports
:cvs checkout: Updating dfports/dfports/Mk
:cvs checkout: Updating dfports/dfports/dfports
:cvs checkout: Updating dfports/dfports/dfports/Mk
:cvs checkout: Updating dfports/dfports/dfports/dfports
:cvs checkout: Updating dfports/dfports/dfports/dfports/Mk
:cvs checkout: Updating dfports/dfports/dfports/dfports/dfports
:cvs checkout: Updating dfports/dfports/dfports/dfports/dfports/Mk
:cvs checkout: Updating dfports/dfports/dfports/dfports/dfports/dfports
:cvs checkout: Updating dfports/dfports/dfports/dfports/dfports/dfports/Mk
:<etc etc>
:Am I doing anything wrong here?

    That sure doesn't happen to me!  Maybe there is a broken softlink
    in there.  Try rm -rf'ing /usr/dfports and do a checkout again.  If 
    it still messes up try rm -rf'ing /home/dcvs/dfports and re-cvsup.
    (dfports is small so it wouldn't take very long to re-cvsup it).

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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