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Sun Jul 20 12:44:01 PDT 2003

on 7/18/03 11:32 PM, Matthew Dillon at dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>   Ok, Logo.gif is officially adopted!   It's on the site.  I put the
>   other logo in a save/ folder (Hmm, I should probably commit the site/
>   subtree to the CVS tree).  I'm sure we will be able to find a good
>   use for it too.
>   I would really like to thank you for creating these wonderful cartoons,
>   Joe!  Thanks!

No problem. Glad I could help. If I have some extra time this week I might
even be able to redesign your site for you guys if you might be interested.
The only thing I'd ask in return is a little text link on the footer of each
page stating, "site design by DigiSquid" with a link back to

Let me know if you might be interested.

Joe Angerson
DigiSquid Studios
PO Box 3446
Scranton, PA 18505
1-888-818-DIGI (toll free)

studios at xxxxxxxxxxxxx
AIM: JoeAngerson


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