The New Fred?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Jul 18 21:41:42 PDT 2003

:The New Fred?Is it possible to change a bit the positioning of  the
:dragonfly? I need to create a 32x32 icon for OSNews (and possibly this would
:be useful as icons in documentation or elsewhere) and this version just
:doesn't scale well...
:"Joe Angerson" <joe at xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
:news:BB3B8236.3A1D%joe at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
:I saw you guys had whipped up a new version of BSD, but you seemed to be
:lacking a proper cartoon mascot. Being a cartoonist and a BSD user of some
:sorts (does Mac OS X count?) I thought I'd help out.
:Available upon request is an EPS file of this mascot as well as the original
:Adobe Illustrator 10.0 file (with transparencies). Just drop me a line to
:let me know. Anyway, hope you enjoy.
:Joe Angerson

    p.s. I read the OSNews blurb.  The forum comments were a lot less
    noisy then the ones on Slashdot, and very interesting to read.  

    All I can say about the comments on "Ego" is that you will never see
    an inventor without one :-).


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