DF mountroot

evs erik14 at postmark.net
Mon Dec 15 13:03:02 PST 2003

evs wrote: 
Looking at it now... 
cpdup / to /tmp/hd 
. .. 

Max wrote: 
I think you are missing /dev, /var and maybe even a properly set-up 
/tmp. As they are mounted from seperate (mfs) 
partitions with the cd boot $cpdup / /tmp/hd won't copy them as well.

See /README on the cd. 

Max, you correctly diagnosed the problem. I was missing the contents 
of /dev. All that was needed was to boot from the DF CD and cpdup 
/dev to /tmp/hd/dev. Now DragonFly boots perfectly from the hard
Never having used cpdup before, I failed to notice that it does not 
cross boundaries, which is logical. 

Failing to "mountroot ufs:/dev/ad0s1a" could have indicated to me to 
check to see if the device node was there to mount... but no error 
message was given by mountroot, and all of the other files were 
present on the hard drive ( including /var/* and /tmp ). 

Now all I need is the nge ethernet driver from FreeBSD. 


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