cpp0 bails out with signal 4

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Wed Dec 3 12:38:19 PST 2003

:Lately Peter Kadau told:
:> Hmpf, the world compiles, but not the kernel.
:> Always program "as" gets signal 4.
:> I removed all cc-related make options.
:Did you try to compile this manually? Does it happen then, too?
:If so, you could try gdb'ing cc whilst compiling and/or getting a
:  simon
    This could just be a waste of time.  At this point Peter needs to 
    'reset' his install to a set of binaries, including both kernel and
    compiler (and everything else) that haven't been compiled with
    any special optimizations. 

    The ISO CD in th download section of the main DargonFly site
    is a good place to reload from.


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