cpp0 bails out with signal 4

David Rhodus drhodus at catpa.com
Tue Dec 2 07:19:57 PST 2003

Peter Kadau wrote:

Hi !

Not sure whether it's due to upgraded sources or some
hardware problem.
cpp0 consistently bails out with signal 4 (illegal instruction)
during any compile (buildworld or XFree86-libraries e.g.)
No signal 10/11/4 mix - otherwise I'd suspect it's RAM...
Just plain signal 4 - always.
Does anyone experience the same ?
Or otherwise - what could be wrong ?
The CPU ? 
I'd appreciate any hints.


You might try and download the change I just made, if you had just 
installed the new source.

1.5 src/lib/libc/locale/Makefile.inc


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