Build under FreeBSD-STABLE broken?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed Aug 20 09:57:57 PDT 2003

:It seems that I couldn't post MYKERNEL; was
:temporarily down the moment I sent it and my MTA couldn't detect it.
:Do you still need it?

    I guess not.  I think it's cockpit trouble somewhere but I don't
    think its critical.  

    Insofar as your own builds go, you do not have to make modules directly.
    The module should be built by the buildkernel target now.  If you
    are still having problems try wiping and rechecking out your source tree,
    I am a bit worried that source tree cruft can build up (like the one that
    was just fixed which I will commit ASAP).  If that doesn't work then
    I will need your MYKERNEL to try to reproduce the problem.


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