COMPAT_43 option?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Aug 22 10:36:33 PDT 2003

    I've figured this out.  The issue is basically related to the huge mess
    the Makefile support source has become. includes
    which touches (creates) header files listed in the SRCS which do not
    already have a target.

    opt_compat.h is generated by the module code, but the target was 
    specified after the .include <> instead of before, so decided it was going to create the header files and the
    Makefile targets for them weren't run.

    Sigh.  Commit coming up.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
:Hello Matt.
:Hope you are fine and kickin' with DFly.  Since my Workstation is broke,
:I thought I would try out a Tinderbox build on,
:after all the latest tree re-structuring changes n' all.
:So anyways, I wanted to say that it will not be possible to build
:GENERIC kernel without the COMPAT_43 option because the SYSVR4 code
:needs it.
:Could you please add COMPAT_43 back into GENERIC, if possible?  Also, it
:might be worth it to add a DEVELOPMENT kernel config file with the
:needed debugging options turned ON.  People can then use this config
:file to keep up with latest changes in DFly build process.
:Let me know what you think; (although I might not be able to reply for
:some time cause of my workstation being broke).
:Hiten M. Pandya
:hmp at xxxxxxxxxxx, hmp at xxxxxxxx

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