dhcpcd now in dfly - disabled by default, tests needed

Aaron LI aly at aaronly.me
Wed Jul 31 22:22:38 PDT 2019

On August 1, 2019 11:48:58 AM GMT+08:00, Roy Marples <roy at marples.name> wrote:

Hi Roy,

Thank you for creating the great dhcpcd software (and openresolve).

>I'm upstream for dhcpcd and I just noticed that Dragonfly BSD imported
>dhcpcd-7.0.8 about 9 months ago seemingly with the intent to make it
>default DHCP and/or SLAAC client. This seems to have stalled.

Yes, I imported dhcpcd into DFly for the better IPv6 experience. The intention is to replace the dhclient and rtsold, but I haven't found enough time to finish the transition yet. More tests and some significant cleanups to the rc scripts are required. I think I'll have more time to continue the work in about two months. (By the way, I'm still working on updating the RC scripts w.r.t. freebsd and need to finish this first.)

>I've just released dhcpcd-8.0.2 which now has DragonFly support
>upstreamed (basically a vlan header difference) and I'm now wondering
>how I can progress making dhcpcd the default here?

Awesome! I noticed that you released new versions and intended to update ours. It's really great that you provide us with better support.

>I've had a quick look over the mailing lists and bugtracker, but I
>see anything that should have stalled this.

It's on my todo list ;). There shouldn't be anything to prevent this transition.

Thank you for looking into DFly.



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