Small form factor with two NICs and/or wireless

Jasse Jansson jasse at
Sat Jan 20 08:23:13 PST 2018

It might be wort to check out Shuttles compact boxes.
I have one, it's a DS81, and it works wonderful with Ubuntu.
It's a barebones system that they don't make anymore.
I added an Intel Wifi card in the PCI-E halflenght slot and a SSD into 
the M.2 full lenght slot.
It's my resident computer in my little house in the countryside so I 
can't access it right now,but I doubt you will get any trouble.

On 2018-01-19 23:37, Pierre Abbat wrote:
> My laptop caracal just conked out and I've ordered a new one from System 76.
> (This is the same laptop that I brought to Berkeley years ago to see if Matt
> Dillon could load DragonFly on it. He couldn't, so it's been running Ubuntu
> ever since.) My other boxen leopard (Ubuntu, May 2012) and zyxomma (DFly,
> April 2013) are slower than caracal. Both are small-form-factor boxes from
> Aleutia. System 76 sells a NUC with Core i7 (same as caracal, and same as the
> new laptop), but NUCs appear to have only one Ethernet port, and one reason I
> got the model I did for zyxomma (which they no longer make) is that it has two
> Ethernet ports and thus can act as a gateway. Only five devices (one of which
> is the phone) can get IPv4 addresses. I'm thinking of setting up some more
> computers in the other room, so I'll need a gateway. Do you know of some
> small-form-factor computers with two Ethernet ports, wireless which I can set
> up as an access point, and comparably fast multicore processors which work
> well on both Linux and DragonFly?
> Pierre

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