Can programs compiled in FreeBSD be executed in DragonFly BSD ?

John Marino dragonflybsd at
Tue Nov 18 23:25:09 PST 2014

On 11/19/2014 07:57, Mehmet Erol Sanliturk wrote:
> As a principle , assume that I can help you as much as possible to make
> Free Pascal and Lazarus a working port in DragonFly BSD .

Free Pascal is a working port.  I am wondering how well it works.  It
must work fairly well since it can build itself and most packages.

> For this I need your help because I do not know DragonFly BSD
> sufficiently well .
> Due to this I need explicit instructions about what to do .
> Assume I have sufficient time to apply steps .

Given that you specifically inquired about, and then requested Free
Pascal be available via ports, I assumed that you were user of Free
Pascal, DragonFly BSD, and dports.  Instructing you how to use any of
those three is basically out of scope of this activity.

> Another point is if we can document what we did to generate these ports ,
> such a document would be used as a guide for other ports .

The Free Pascal organization has published a cross-compile instruction
document.  The work involved is modifying to Free Pascal base to support
DragonFly.  Anybody wanting a port of Free Pascal will have to do the
same, even more if it's a new CPU.  Even if there were something new to
document (there isn't), I don't have time.

> Testing is important . Let's include all testing steps applicable to
> verify usability of Free Pascal and Lazarus .

Yes, very good.  What are test steps?  Is there a test suite available?

> Assume I have installed 4.0 RC3 and it is booted and the computer is
> shutdown and rebooted to  start working on Free Pascal port .
> There is the following page , but it is not clear for me
> because of assumptions about pkgsrc which is not applicable for 4.0 RC3 :

I don't know what you mean.  There are only 2 references to pkgsrc on
that page and it says "if you have pkgsrc do this".  You don't, so skip
those steps.  That guide is still fully applicable, and DragonFly 4
comes with pkg already configured and installed.

> Let also assume that DragonFlyBSD repository is cloned here and updates
> will be applied quickly .

> Would you please
>  make a list of steps
>  what I should note
> which
> I can apply ,
> Take notes and
> reply to you at the end .

Read "Installing DPorts tree" section of the guide.
cd /usr/dports/lang/fpc && make install

> I do not know kyua ,
> but can we apply it for testing steps of this port . In that way , we
> can also enlarge testing facility for DragonFly BSD .

You are thinking very grand.
All I want to know is if Free Pascal compiles what it is supposed to,
and that the executables it produces work as expected.  If you made a
testing framework, you should donate that to the Free Pascal group so
they can test all their FPC ports.


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