Filesystem question

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Sat Dec 27 10:50:47 PST 2014

So i made the following configuration. Is this the right way?

hammer viconfig

snapshots 1h 60d
prune     1h 5m
rebalance 1h 5m
dedup      1h 5m
reblock   1h 5m
recopy    30d 10m

crontab -e
0 * * * * /sbin/hammer cleanup

Pierre Abbat <phma at> schrieb am Mo, 22.12.2014:

 Betreff: Re: Filesystem question
 An: users at
 Datum: Montag, 22. Dezember, 2014 00:28 Uhr
 On Sunday, December 21,
 2014 06:18:02 nans_nans1 at
 > Many thanks your for your replies.
 > I already read the
 man-page but i don't understand it at all and i
 > found the command
 "hammer prune-everything" on
 > documentation.
 See the man page for hammer. It's long.
 prune-everything is somewhere in 
 Don't run hammer
 prune-everything on a filesystem with snapshots. Instead,
 it snapshot more often. A few months
 ago I had to read my mail on my DF box 
 because my laptop was being repaired. I managed
 to get Kmail working (I had to 
 change what
 database back end Akonadi was using, IIRR) and the process
 reading all the mail headers filled the
 disk. So I changed the hammer config to
 snapshots 1h 60d
    1h 5m
 rebalance 1h 5m
 dedup      1h 5m
 reblock   1h 5m
 recopy    30d 10m
 and ran
 "hammer cleanup" every few hours. That got rid of
 all the tiny files 
 and changes to files
 that the download process was filling the disk with.
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