ACPI based interrupt routing and new ACPI code ready for testing

Max Herrgard herrgard at
Thu Mar 24 14:56:53 PDT 2011

Matthew Dillon wrote:
:However, it makes my graphics card (an ati 9200 agp) lose some speed. It
:usually gets ~1600 fps with glxgears and with 2) enabled it drops to ~20
:fps. From what I can see it gives no error about this problem.
     What about the rest of the system?  Run some simple cpu benchmarks.
     If those are slow also this could be an indication of an interrupt
     storm (and possibly even a SMI storm, similar to ruse39's issue).
I did some primes calculation with

> /usr/bin/time -h primes 1 4242424242 >/dev/null

and they finished on same time with acpi interrupt routing enabled/disabled.


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