mounting a ext2fs part and need fsck_ext2fs

walt wa1ter at
Fri Dec 28 17:54:57 PST 2007

Kevin L. Kane wrote:
Im trying to mount a ext2fs partition from dragonfly but I keep
getting a error like this:
mount_ext2fs: /dev/ad2s1: Invalid argument
What command are you using to mount the partition?

There wasnt much info about why this happens, I did find a post
somewhere that said if its a ext3 part that got shutdown improper you
need to fsck first before mounting it.
Is there another issue that it might be? And can anyone point me at a
place to get fsck_ext2fs for my dfly machine that wont be a complete
hack :).
You can find e2fsprogs in pkgsrc/sysutils.  I've never tried it but I
see no reason it shouldn't work.  I think I'd try it on a test partition
before using on something valuable, however.

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