DragonFly vs Linksys as firewall and Gateway

Stephane Russell stephane.russell at prodigeinfo.com
Fri Dec 28 08:55:29 PST 2007

This is a very general post. I've just buy a Linksys Wireless router,
and it comes with a router, a firewall with forwarding and natting
capability and a DHCP server. I'm wondering if it's a equivalent choice
(for speed, security, etc) to use such a router for my network, or if it
just can't be as good as a BSD like DFBSD. For now, since 1996, my
FreeBSD, then DFBSD was never cracked, and it's not because nobody is
making any attempt.

For one, DFBSD is supporting IPv6, but not the router (yet). So it's
already a plus for DFBSD. On the other side, by using my DFBSD as a
firewall, I'm exposing my file and print server directly on the net.
Also, the router is very little maintenance compare to a full server.
Another plus for DFBSD is backdoor control. Maybe I'm traumatised by the
movie "The Net", with Sandra Bullock. Nobody can verify if Cisco is
providing it's router with backdoors, or bugs at least, while this can
be easilly verified and fixed with an open source OS like DFBSD.

For now, I still think a true open source OS is a better choice for this
kind of task.

Any comments?


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