libgtop2 and xorg break

Pieter Dumon pieter.dumon at
Mon Aug 13 14:29:33 PDT 2007

On 8/13/07, Chris Turner <c.turner at> wrote:
> Pieter Dumon wrote:
> > pkgsrc/sysutils/libgtop2 doesn't compile on my fresh 1.10 system
> > (don't know if it did before):
> >
> > proclist.c: In function 'glibtop_get_proclist_p':
> > proclist.c:106: error: structure has no member 'kp_proc'
> The error is probably due to DF struct proc diverging from freebsd
> somewhere along the line. Probably just a few lines of diff would get
> things working, but that may be more than you feel like doing..

Hmm, I'm afraid I don't know enough about the kvm changes (or would
need to browse through the diffs).

I found most members of kinfo_proc and kinfo_proc.kp_lwp that replace the old
structures and members.  But, for instance, what should I replace
. kp_proc.p_vmspace by ? the lwp's lwp_vmspace ?


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