dfly mail archive not working

Chris Turner c.turner at 199technologies.org
Sat Aug 11 12:20:11 PDT 2007

Matthew Dillon wrote:
>     oops.  Ok, fixed.  I keep meaning to fix the rc script.  I'll just
>     add a manual start in rc.local.

If this is pkgsrc apache, there should be an RCng init script in
$PREFIX/etc for your convenience.. I had to hack it to add
'${apache_flags}' for a diferent wwwroot ..
Don't think patch has been committed yet, will get around to following
up oneday

Index: apache.sh
RCS file: /cvsroot/pkgsrc/www/apache/files/apache.sh,v
retrieving revision 1.27
diff -r1.27 apache.sh
< 	${ctl_command} ${action}
> 	${ctl_command} ${apache_flags} -k ${action}

Not knowing the leaf setup this may be extra info though..

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