What are current options for jdk15 on DragonFly?

Geert Hendrickx geert.hendrickx at ua.ac.be
Sun Sep 25 03:26:59 PDT 2005

On Sun, Sep 25, 2005 at 12:47:17AM +0200, Tomaž Borštnar wrote:
> What are current option for jdk15 on DragonFly? I got this via todays 
> pkgsrc:
> ===> jdk15- is not available for DragonFly-1.3.6-PREVIEW-i386

You could try to use sun-jdk15 (using Linux emulation).  Just hack the
Makefile such that it allows DragonFly-*-i386.  Let us know if it works.  

I'm also working on a native jdk15 package for pkgsrc-wip.  But since the
wip/jdk14 package doesn't even work on DragonFly yet (we're working on it
though), I wouldn't count on a native jdk15 for DragonFly too soon.  


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