NTPD synchronisation patches

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai asmodai at wxs.nl
Thu Apr 14 04:17:45 PDT 2005

-On [20050414 12:32], Joerg Sonnenberger (joerg at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>More precisely, it's internal time keeping is off by the delta the system
>clock is stepped. In your case, it should take 2 hours to recover.
>I don't think it is a bug, that's the reason why you should not step the
>clock after all :)

Which sucks on machines running a dual boot system with the BIOS clock set
to UTC.  Given that West Europa (most of it) is now UTC +2 you would have to
stay two hours within DF before it is totally synched up.  Which doesn't
help timestamps on your box much though.

On the other hand I can understand why it would slow down the clock so that
after two hours it is in sync.  Databases in general can be very displeased
if clocks suddenly go back two hours.

*grin*  Time for the -f option to force a hard offset change at first synch.
: )

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