Changes in make infrastructure

Max Okumoto okumoto at
Tue Apr 12 16:04:42 PDT 2005

Max Okumoto wrote:

I plan to commit a few patches that change the behavoir of make
sometime next week.  And I would like some feed back before I do
this.  This is work that harti has done.
    1. Make the parser more strict for directives for example
        .if, .else, .elif, .endif, etc.
       Right now the parser accepts things like
        .elseif (other condition)
        the first case is equivilant to .undef FOO which isn't
        bad, but the second case is really bad since you would
        never know that it was treat the other condition as a

        The new parser requires a space after the directive token.
        and warns about non-comments after .else and .endif
        This however, causes make to emit warnings for some of our
        makefiles.  patch-3.0 puts a # after the directives to
        silence the warnings.  (Its a standard diff since the unfied
        diff is much bigger.)
[stuff deleted]

I plan on commiting patch-3.0 later today since it doesn't change
behavior, just makes it clear that the stuff following the directives
are really comments.

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