Import widechar support from FreeBSD

Andreas Hauser andy at
Fri Oct 29 04:35:11 PDT 2004

asmodai wrote @ Fri, 29 Oct 2004 08:02:06 +0200:
> -On [20041029 01:12], Andreas Hauser (andy at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> >This fixes the UTF-8 Problem (like the perl Problem in users@).
> >I think the mklocale patch should be applied ASAP, as it is
> >rather unrelated to the rest of the libc-widechar and fixes
> All applied, including the ctype.h fix for the _CTYPE_SW[0-4MS] you didn't
> have in the patch.

It is in the include.patch file though.
Sorry, i forgot to flesh that out seperatly and to mention it.

Btw, what is with the rest of the patches ?
Joerg wanted to look at what NetBSD does.
NetBSD has that nice template system for strto*.
Other than that i think we should go along FreeBSD.

I have only got positive feedback thus far.
I hope it gets in before the next vfs patch.


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