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Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Mon Oct 18 11:03:52 PDT 2004

On 18.10.2004, at 19:44, Matthew Dillon wrote:
:>> Fetch it at <>
:> uhm... netbsd uses CVSROOT/config. better patch up soon
:okay. the new one should do it well
    I'm confused re: the netbsd mention.  Don't we support 
CVSROOT/config ?
    So we shouldn't have to patch up for that, right?
Sorry if I added some confusion: NetBSD uses the file CVSROOT/config, 
but therein uses the CVSROOT/options style (tag=).

    As for legacy operation.  I'm not sure that it is a good idea to 
    support back in for legacy repositories.  If netbsd is already 
using the
    new form it might be better to stick with the new form which will 
    pressure on the other projects to update their CVS subsystems.  
    FreeBSD did was a hack... a very good hack, but a hack 
nonetheless.  When
    the CVS people adopted the feature they decided to implement it
    differently.  We should probably stick with the official 
    and get/pressure the people running the hack to restandardize on 
    official implementation.
It's true that the best solution would be that all projects would use 
the "official" style, but I don't think this will happen any time soon. 
So we got the choice: try to get the other projects to at least support 
the official way, or, as long as those big repos don't do it the 
official style yet, accept this fact and add a legacy mode.

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