racoon still also broken

Johannes Hofmann Johannes.Hofmann at gmx.de
Fri Oct 15 13:04:59 PDT 2004

I now tried on older racoon version (racoon-20040408a). this doesn't give me
the "operation not supported" errors. It is still not working, but it looks
much better. 


Andrew Atrens <atrens at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yes, I see these too...
>> and so on....
>> This is with DragonFly_Stable. But I have to say that I just started with
>> IPEC and it might just as well be a configuration error here.
> I'm pretty sure I have a good config.
> I've got a FreeBSD 4.9 box over here, and I can almost get 4.9 racoon
> talking to a DragonFly-Stable racoon. In fact the FreeBSD side goes into phase 2
> negotiations. So it looks like there are receive problems on the DragonFly
> side.
> Andrew.

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