[GSOC] capsicum week6 report

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Awesome man :-)

Keep it up !

On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 10:29 AM, Joris Giovannangeli <
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> Hi,
> this week I've been stabilizing my work a bit more. The implementation
> is still rough but "functionnal". I've finished the capability mode by
> modifying the sycall path and the syscall table to check if a syscall is
> allowed in capability mode and return ECAPMODE if not. I've converted
> most of the holdfp calls to check capability rights, but there is still
> some calls I must read more carefully to find which rights they need.
> I've made the nlookup path return ECAPMODE when doing a non-relative
> lookup. For now, the code is not perfect because i can leak information
> from outside the sandbox. Indeed, if an early error is returned, I don't
> check if the current namecache entry is still in sandbox and return the
> error (EEXIST, ENOENT, etc). This is a bug. I've been trying to modify
> this behaviour, but for now, it's completely broken.
> To test the work, i've ported the capsicum-enabled bzip2 a student has
> done for FreeBSD during gsoc :
> https://svnweb.freebsd.org/socsvn/soc2013/dpl/head/ . I've run it on a
> vkernel, and it can compress and decompress files w/o troubles.
> Joris

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