[GSOC] capsicum week2 report

Joris GIOVANNANGELI joris at giovannangeli.fr
Mon Jul 1 12:08:52 PDT 2013


this week, i've implemented the process descriptor API from FreeBSD.
There is still some testing to be done, since i've not been able to
build the libc, and i need to rebase my work. I have patched to
implement stats, and kqfilter for the process descriptor type, but i've
yet to clean them up. The main patch can be found on my github repo :
[1].  This is a stripped version which build without my others capsicum
patches, but you can still notice some capsicum code in the API, and
constant in the header. I initially planned to port the FreeBSD  code to
dragonfly, but I honestly don't understand their code. Which seems
overcomplicated to me. I ended up rewritting everything from scratch.
I've start a port of their unit-test to the dragonfly test framework,
which will help me to test the compatibility of the semantic. Any
comment welcome !

Thanks, Joris.

[1] :

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