Asus EEE, acpi and nata driver

Dmitry Komissaroff aunoor at
Mon Dec 22 06:55:57 PST 2008

>:Hi All.
>:Some update of status.
>:After updating acpica to acpica-20081204 and reincluding
>acpi_pcix_xx.c :  to acpi module, I can achieve booting in normal mode
>with ehci driver. :It is a big advantage, because all usb devices now
>working with HiSpeed :rates.
>:But there is some caveats: Support of /dev/pci device and pciconf(8)
>    Where can we get our hands on the code to help test?
With help from Hasso Tepper patch placed at

>    DELAY() is supposed to be reliable, other problems may crop up if
>it's been broken by the acpica timer API.

nata driver hang only on my Asus EEE 701 and only with enabled acpi.
Due acpi use self timer and it work in safe mode, I think
DELAY() hang related to it, but I may wrong, because on other comps, on
which I tested, all ok.

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