Future of the netgraph in DragonFly?

Dennis Melentyev dennis.melentyev at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 06:58:18 PST 2008


2008/12/6 Alexander Motin <mav at freebsd.org>:
> Hi.
> Dennis Melentyev wrote:
>> Sorry for bringing back quite old topic, but now it's the time I am
>> interested in mpd :)
>> Today I just compiled (but not tested) libpdel-0.5.3 (just a bunch of
>> #ifdefs,  GET_COOKIE() -> fcookie define,  NG_HOOKLEN and NG_PATHLEN
>> macros).
>> The problem with mpd4.4.1 is much more complex for me: I'm not that
>> experienced with make to re-create bsd.ports.mk and friends. Also, I'm
>> not aware of actual status of DFBSD's netgraph.
>> Could it be a good day to revisit mpd-on-DragonFly issue?
> As good as any other. The main question is still the state of netgraph in
> DF. Last time I have looked, it was in state of FreeBSD4. Now I can see some
> netgraph7 directory in DF CVS, but I have no idea about it's status.
> mpd4.4.1 is the latest mpd version supporting FreeBSD4 in it's netgraph
> state. Now it is legacy and I have no wish to continue development of that
> branch. Present mpd5.2 version is completely superior and this is that front
> line to which you should orient yourself. Mpd5 is widely tunes itself to the
> system capabilities to support all FreeBSD versions starting from 5.x. To
> clean the code some of critical FreeBSD 4.x tunings (for example, NG_NODESIZ
> of 16 bytes support) were removed. But even without this, it still would be
> practically inoperable now due to many other problems in that old netgraph
> code, which are now fixed in new versions.

Ok, that's fair. I will look at mpd5/netgraph on DFLY some night.
Hope, I would be able to do something.

>> What can I provide:
>> 1. Access to DFBSD system (home server, semi-production :) ) and
>> FreeBSD mpd server (router at work, serious production)
>> 2. Testing, some C coding (well, I'm short of DFBSD kernel experience,
>> but should not be a big problem to grep sources)
>> 3. Beer/Juice/Vodka/Borjomi (in Kiev, via the train, airmail, etc). :)
> Sorry, but with my work for FreeBSD I have no spare time to actively
> maintain one more system. If somebody going to finish DF netgraph update to
> the recent FreeBSD state, started by Matthew Dillon, and will maintain it
> further, I will help him with mpd support and my netgraph knowledge.

That's all ok. But probably I would need your advises and clues. Let's
see if I would be able to work on it (the time limits mostly).

Dennis Melentyev

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