Kernel panic/dump: ffs_valloc (dup alloc) + request for a leaf account

Steven Looman steven at
Sat Jan 29 04:41:33 PST 2005

As Erik P. Skaalerud pointed out, the board (and the raid controller) is 

I'm using the raid controller because I suspected there were problems with 
the normal controller.

Guess I'll grab another board and make that my test/playing machine.

Steven Looman

"Matthew Dillon" <dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
news:200501281938.j0SJcEmE066250 at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>    Well, I looked at the core dump.  The contents of the dinode appears
>    to be mostly garbage.... values that should not be possible even if it
>    were in fact improperly reusing an inode.
>    I suspect that the remaining 'dup alloc' reports are due to the ATA
>    driver... either buggy hardware or a missing workaround in our ATA
>    driver for the buggy hardware.  I've been running diff -u on a 6GB data
>    set and rm -rf + cvs checkout tests for over two days straight on both
>    of my test boxes without a problem.
>    One thing that might be worth doing ... try changing the DMA mode for
>    the ATA hard disk using atacontrol to something slower, reboot into
>    single user, do a manual fsck, then see if the system is more stable.
> -Matt 

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