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Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai asmodai at
Wed Jan 12 22:33:36 PST 2005

jam.tgz is 2.5 minus all unneeded crap (still need to update Jambase and
ditch all non-needed crap).  Makefile compiles specifically for DragonFly.

Initial work for src/bin and src/sbin is in src-jam.  Right now for bin I
took 37 s total with make.  Using jam (misses 3-4 targets right now) it
takes me slightly more than 6 s.  So I guess I will end up at something like
8 s.  So we're looking at a 80% reduction in build tool for just bin.

Feel free to send corrections/additions and such to me and I'll keep these
files updated.  I am aiming at converting src/bin, sbin, lib, usr.bin, and
usr.sbin for now.

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