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Jonas Sundström jonas at
Wed Jan 12 05:26:17 PST 2005

Andrew Hacking <ahacking at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> My interpretation of the documentation was that it is impossible to
> invoke an external tool and assign the output of a command to a
> variable.  This seemed a serious limitation _if_ that is the case, 
> and
> rules out interfacing source code control systems, or whatever.

It looks possible, but I'm not that familiar with Jam.

actions AbsSymLink
	case "$target" in
		/*) ;;
		*) target=`pwd`/"$target";;
	$(RM) "$(1)" && $(LN) -s "$target" "$(1)"

Snippet taken from here:*checkout*/open-beos/current/Jamfile?rev=1.28*checkout*/open-beos/current/Jamrules?rev=1.138
(top level Jamfile and Jamrules)

Two sub Jamfiles. Looks simple enough:*checkout*/open-beos/current/src/apps/showimage/Jamfile?rev=1.8*checkout*/open-beos/current/src/libs/zlib/Jamfile?rev=1.6

/Jonas Sundström.         

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