git: crunchgen(1): Fix few spurious warnings.

Rimvydas Jasinskas zrj at
Sun Sep 25 22:56:34 PDT 2016

commit b5302a4ede0fc6c5a91138495c2841a2875d5dc0
Author: zrj <rimvydas.jasinskas at>
Date:   Sun Sep 25 15:48:16 2016 +0300

    crunchgen(1): Fix few spurious warnings.
    Just add prototypes to help compiler detecting real bugs and not
    pollute build logs with false positives.
    Note: made crunch_help() static, seems to be fine.

Summary of changes:
 usr.bin/crunch/crunchgen/crunched_main.c | 1 +
 usr.bin/crunch/crunchgen/crunchgen.c     | 1 +
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+)

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