git: rtld: Sync 4/7 - Fix token substitution

John Marino marino at
Thu Jun 13 04:13:17 PDT 2013

commit da404cb4ad58fa4443ec9a94a036420276919b79
Author: John Marino <draco at>
Date:   Wed Jun 12 14:24:28 2013 +0200

    rtld: Sync 4/7 - Fix token substitution
    The origin_subst_one() function limits the length of the string to
    PATH_MAX after the token substitution.  This is wrong, because
    origin_subst_one() performs the substitution on the whole rpath and
    similar strings, which contain several pathes separated by colon.  As
    result, a long (but correct) rpath consisting of many path elements is
    rejected by the function.
    Correct the problem by rewriting the origin_subst_one() to perform two
    passes, first pass to calculate the number of substitutions to be
    performed, and second pass to generate the resulting string.  Second
    pass allocates the memory for the result based on the count from the
    first pass, without enforcing a limit.
    Taken verbatim from:
    FreeBSD SVN 249525 (15 APR 2013)
    FreeBSD SVN 250075 (29 APR 2013)

Summary of changes:
 libexec/rtld-elf/rtld.c | 149 ++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------------
 1 file changed, 76 insertions(+), 73 deletions(-)

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