git: acpi: Enable ACPI reset by default

Sepherosa Ziehau sephe at
Sun Apr 17 01:53:52 PDT 2011

commit a5d744aae2bec05bcd04ea8c5220f62adbb52dd6
Author: Sepherosa Ziehau <sephe at>
Date:   Sun Apr 17 16:08:37 2011 +0800

    acpi: Enable ACPI reset by default
    - Enable ACPI reset if FADT has this feature bit set
    - During ACPI reset, use AcpiReset() instead of rolling our own
    Obtained-from: FreeBSD (r213755 jkim at

Summary of changes:
 sys/dev/acpica5/acpi.c |   11 ++++++-----
 1 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

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