git: installer: Add serial number and /etc/devtab support.

Sascha Wildner swildner at
Mon Sep 14 11:31:44 PDT 2009

commit f59b7dfa1b99e73a6b5338bdf61246d9edf12f4b
Author: Sascha Wildner <saw at>
Date:   Mon Sep 14 20:30:06 2009 +0200

    installer: Add serial number and /etc/devtab support.
    If a disk has a corresponding entry in /dev/serno with identical
    major/minor, use that for all further references of the disk in the
    installation process.
    In the installed system, set up a /etc/devtab entry (with the labels
    named disk0, disk1 etc. using the order of the disks appearing in
    'sysctl kern.disks' output) and use this label for the system's
    /etc/fstab entries.
    /boot/loader.conf still has to use /dev/serno for its vfs.root.mountfrom
    The dumpdev entry in /etc/rc.conf could use the devtab label but (as
    of this commit) doesn't do so yet. This will be fixed at a later point.
    If no /dev/serno is found, or if no corresponding entry in /dev/serno
    is found for a specific disk, we use the traditional scheme.
    While I'm here, perform some cleanup, namely remove some duplicate
    Requested-by-and-in-discussion-with: dillon

Summary of changes:
 share/installer/cmdnames.conf                    |    2 +
 usr.sbin/installer/dfuibe_installer/flow.c       |    6 +-
 usr.sbin/installer/dfuibe_installer/fn_disk.c    |   10 ++--
 usr.sbin/installer/dfuibe_installer/fn_install.c |   29 ++++++----
 usr.sbin/installer/libinstaller/diskutil.c       |   68 +++++++++++-----------
 usr.sbin/installer/libinstaller/diskutil.h       |   10 ++-
 usr.sbin/installer/libinstaller/survey.c         |   25 ++++++++
 7 files changed, 95 insertions(+), 55 deletions(-)

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