cvs commit: src/sbin/hammer Makefile cmd_synctid.c hammer.8 hammer.c hammer.h

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Tue May 13 13:49:55 PDT 2008

dillon      2008/05/13 13:49:34 PDT

DragonFly src repository

  Modified files:
    sbin/hammer          Makefile hammer.8 hammer.c hammer.h 
  Added files:
    sbin/hammer          cmd_synctid.c 
  HAMMER Utilities: Feature add
  Add a new command 'synctid <filesystem>' which provides a formal transaction
  id representing the state of the filesystem as of when it is called.  The
  filesystem will be properly synced by the command and an interlocked
  timestamp will be returned.
  Remove the -x option, remove the calls to sync() by the 'now' and 'now64'
  directives.  No longer sleep for one second in 'now'.  Document that these
  directives do not return a guaranteed transaction id.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.11      +1 -1      src/sbin/hammer/Makefile
  1.16      +19 -13    src/sbin/hammer/hammer.8
  1.18      +5 -30     src/sbin/hammer/hammer.c
  1.12      +1 -0      src/sbin/hammer/hammer.h

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