cvs commit: src/sys/dev/netif/nfe if_nfe.c if_nfevar.h

Thomas Nikolajsen thomas.nikolajsen at
Wed Jul 9 05:10:52 PDT 2008

There is a minor inconsistency in nfe:
 - sysctl node is named 'imtimer' (Interrupt moderation time)
 - loader tunable is named 'imtime'
 - program variable is named 'nfe_imtime'

I think the normal pattern is that sysctl node and loader tunable has same name.

Name of sysctl node is user visible, so maybe this should be new name for the two other.

If no objection I will make change;
will also update nfe.4.

>sephe       2008/07/05 00:29:44 PDT
. .
>  hw.nfeX.imtimer -> 0  no interrupt moderation at all.
. .

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