master: etc/Makefile.usr 138f79b207e301a0421c627c8513a84f742948d1

Matthias Schmidt matthias at
Mon Dec 1 00:16:54 PST 2008

commit aee3a86ed4989bee8f9cda29e4020dab61f0b9b8
Author: Matthias Schmidt <matthias at>
Date:   Mon Dec 1 09:03:22 2008 +0100

    Replace CVS targets with GIT targets
    Note: The initial clone is only possible if no previous src/ directory is present in
    /usr (this is the default after cf2bfc4158dbb2accb11861dd3a96d0d79237f63 for new
    installations).  If you already have a src/ directory remove it before starting cloning.

Summary of changes:
 etc/Makefile.usr |   50 +++++++++++++++++++-------------------------------
 1 files changed, 19 insertions(+), 31 deletions(-);a=commitdiff;h=aee3a86ed4989bee8f9cda29e4020dab61f0b9b8


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