cvs commit: site/data/docs upgrade-freebsd.cgi

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Oct 6 14:03:09 PDT 2006

:>   Bug number: 342
:i think we should formalize the issue number in commits, which will=20
:make it easy to parse + link with the issues.  the proposed format=20
:(from the roundup web site) is (in regexp):
:issue ?\d+
:i.e. issue223 or issue 43
:I think this is quite reasonable.  We then could add one link line to=20
:cvsweb to have links to the issue tracker.
:   simon

    Once you've decided on a format you can adjust cvs so when someone
    does a 'cvs commit' it throws up a sample line in one of the # comments.
    This will prevent people from making type-o's.  I forget exactly how
    to make cvs do that.  If someone figures it out, though, there are 
    a few sample lines I want to have in there (Reported-by:, Submitted-by:,


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