cvs commit: src/sys/arch/i386/acpica5 acpi_wakeup.c src/sys/net/ppp_layer ppp_tty.c

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Oct 23 14:59:32 PDT 2006

dillon      2006/10/23 14:59:18 PDT

DragonFly src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/arch/i386/acpica5 acpi_wakeup.c 
    sys/net/ppp_layer    ppp_tty.c 
  Further normalize the _XXX_H_ symbols used to conditionalize header file
  Use _MACHINE_BLAH_H_ for headers found in "/usr/src/sys/arch/<arch>/include".
  Most headers already did this, but some did not.
  Use _ARCH_SUBDIR_BLAH_H_ for headers found in "/usr/src/sys/arch/<arch>/subdir
  instead of _I386_SUBDIR_BLAH_H_.
  Change #include's made in architecture-specific directories to use
  <machine/blah.h> instead of "blah.h", allowing the included header files
  to be overrdden by another architecture.  For example, a virtual kernel
  architecture might include a header from arch/i386/include which then
  includes some other header in arch/i386/include.  But really we want that
  other header to also go via the arch/vkernel/include, so the header files
  in arch/i386/include must use <machine/blah.h> instead of "blah.h" for most
  of their sub-includes.
  Change most architecture-specific includes such as <i386/icu/icu.h> to
  use a generic path through the "arch" softlink, such as <arch/icu/icu.h>.
  Remove the temporary -I@/arch shim made in a recent commit, the <arch/...>
  mechanism replaces it.
  These changes allow us to implement heirarchical architectural overrides,
  primarily intended for virtual kernel support.  A virtual kernel uses an
  architecture of 'vkernel' but must be able to access actual cpu-specific
  header files such as those found in arch/i386.  It does this using a
  "cpu" softlink.  For example, someone including <machine/atomic.h> in a
  vkernel build would hit the "arch/vkernel/include/atomic.h" header, and this
  header could then #include <cpu/atomic.h> to access the actual cpu's
  atomic.h file: "arch/i386/include/atomic.h".
  The ultimate effect is that an architecture can build on another
  architecture's header and source files.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.10      +1 -1      src/sys/arch/i386/acpica5/acpi_wakeup.c
  1.21      +1 -3      src/sys/net/ppp_layer/ppp_tty.c

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