cvs commit: src/secure/lib/libssh Makefile config.h openbsd-compat,port-tun.c.patch version.h src/secure/usr.bin/ssh ssh_config.5.no_obj.patch src/secure/usr.sbin/sshd Makefile auth-passwd-freebsd.c auth2.c.patch servconf.c.patch ...

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed Oct 4 10:41:11 PDT 2006

:I have to say that this patch framework is continually becoming a major p=
:ain in the ass.  Using vendor branches directly would allow me to resolve=
: conflicts much faster than it is now.
:I'm getting patch rejects which i have to fix manually, then i have to ex=

    Hmm.  Well, the CVS vendor tag stuff has always caused me trouble, but
    I'm wondering if an even better solution would be to avoid the whole
    mess (at least for everything except GCC) and start integrating PKGSRC
    builds for the needed pieces into our buildworld.

    My only worry about doing things this way is that changes made in pkgsrc
    would cause buildworld to stop working on either HEAD or some prior 
    RELEASE branch of DragonFly.  It might be necessary to keep a cut-out
    of the needed pkgsrc infrastructure in our own CVS so we can control
    the build.  We would update the infrastructure as needed but there
    wouldn't be any dragonfly-specific patches in it.. it would
    strictly be a direct cut-out from the pkgsrc repository, easy to keep
    in synch yet under our control so we can make sure that buildworld doesn't


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