ctype bug

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Wed Jul 6 01:34:28 PDT 2005

:uhm, actually not... I was confused as well, but it was my utf-8 xterm
:playing tricks on me. If you look close, the program just outputs
:printable chars (at least on syscons), it skips some in between.
:I don't get the system. As soon as you assign the int to any char
:(signed, unsigned, plain) and pass this char, the negative numbers
:are not shown.
:  simon

    Huh?  I didn't understand a word you said, could you rephrase?

    The problem I'm seeing is occuring when I pass a signed char to
    isprint().  It doesn't matter if its a char or an int... either way
    isprint() (and ispunct() and probably others) is returning non-zero
    for unprintable character.  I know they are unprintable because the
    program using the function builds up garbage in the xterm's input
    queue because it was letting control characters through to the


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